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Abby Rose - Let Freedom Ring


Abby Rose - Liberty Lane


Bendy Stitchy Designs - Patriotic Pinkeep


Blackbird Designs - Hats Off to Uncle Sam


Blackbird Designs - Lady Liberty


Blackbird Designs - Sweet Land Of Liberty


Country Cottage - Every Heart


Country Cottage - My Country


Cricket - One IF By Sea


Dames of the Needle - Americana Birds and Flowers Pin Cushion Topper


Erica Michaels - Charity for All


Erica Michaels - My Heart Beats True


Erica Michaels - Sweet Freedom Berry LINEN


Erica Michaels - Sweet Freedom Berry SILK


From the Heart - July Squared


Hands On Design - Indigo Star


Hands On Design - Liberty Chalk Full


Hands On Design - Memorial Day


Hands On Design - Memorial Day SULKY PACK


Haystack Stitching - Freedom Humbug


Heart in Hand - 4th of July Merry Making Mini


Heart in Hand - Home of the Brave Merry Making Mini


Heart in Hand - Land of the Free Merry Making Mini


Heartstring Samplery - Where Liberty Dwells Huswife


La D Da - My Country


Little House - Abigail Adams Early Americans


Little House - Betsy Ross Early Americans


Little House - Freedom Early Americans


Little House - Heart of America


Little House - John Hancock Early Americans


Little House - Martha Washington Early Americans


Little House - Molly Pitcher Early Americans


Little House - Nathan Hale Early Americans


Little House - Patrick Henry Early Americans


Little House - Paul Revere Early Americans


Luhu Stitches - Little Patriotic Fling


Luhu Stitches - Patriotic Luhu


Mani di Donna - Sounds of Freedom Pillows


Mill Hill - Home of the Brave


Mill Hill - Land of the Free


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