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Make a strawberry pincushion out of fashion fabric. The techniques you learn can also be used to finish a stitched design like a berry from Erica Michaels. If you'd like to work on a stitched berry during the class, just let us know. (The photo shows sample berries. Your fabric will be different.)

Cost: $ 25.00

Hey there Western PA stitching friends! Do you want to meet other stitchers in your area? Are you looking to promote your stitching event or get together? We’re putting together a mailing list to help you do just that. (Plus, we’re thinking of hosting pop-up boutiques and want to know what you think.)  If you want to be on the list, please CLICK HERE to provide your email. If you have a group or event you want to promote, you can tell us about it there too. Or email us at